Saturday, November 9, 2013

Birthday loot!

This is a late post... I already had this ready for posting a month ago and suddenly clicked the discard button accidentally! I already typed a novel (I think!) I hate when that happens! But anyway, I'm giving this post another go...

It was my birthday last month and I got a quite a few loots, some of them gifts to self, some were birthday gifts from my two guys...

 If you know me well enough, you'll know that I'm a sucker for accessories!

Cuffs and bracelets in group are a local find, the mint necklace was a great find at H&M (on sale really cheap!), the layering necklaces are purchased separately at a local store and the black bib statement necklace was also purchased at a local accessories store I frequent...

Tops and scarves from H&M

Floral denim button-down top, love this! (I recently wore it denim on denim and it was cute!)

The snow globe was a gift from Gabe, the pearl earrings and the SHU UEMURA lash curlers were from the hubs (well, he initially was gonna buy me any shoes of my choice but I told him to buy me the shu uemura lash curlers instead =), and I just had to have 2 aviators from H&M, why not? It was my birthday remember?

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